Screen Printing & Embroidery



Customizing uniforms with signature logos or font type can distinguish your company as a step above. We offer quality screen printing and embroidery services that help your customers recognize your brand anywhere.


We can work with any existing logo or design a new one with the help of our staff art specialists with minimal artwork fees.

Simple Step by Step Process

The approved logo is then sent to our print shop where it is either screen printed or embroidered, depending on the preference and material being printed on.




What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is stitching applied to apparel to customize them with company logos, names, and artwork.

How Is Embroidery Done?

Embroidery jobs are efficiently stitched with a computerized embroidery machine using patterns that have been created by our expert digitizers with proprietary embroidery software. With our software, various fill patterns can be implemented to add texture and design.

What Can be Embroidered?

Embroidery is most often used to apply logos and monograms to polo shirts, business shirts, jackets and other team apparel. Our software combined with multiple header machines allows large quantity production in a short time frame.



Screen Printing

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is applying layers of ink to apparel to customize them with logos, names, and artwork.

How is Screen Printing Done?

Screening jobs are digitized and programmed into different color layers. The designs are then printed with quality ink and can be produced in small or large quantities.

What Can be Screen Printed?

Screen Printing is most often applied to t-shirts, vests, raincoats, polo-shirts, windbreakers and sweaters.




  1. First your custom artwork is sent to us, or we will work with you to design an approved piece.
  2. Next, we will digitize the design with our software to develop a printable copy. The design is screen printed or embroidered onto the garment of your choice to make a pre-production sample for your approval.
  3. Upon approval we print the quantity needed and deliver to the desired location.

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